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Occena Law, P.C. is an entrepreneurial legal firm that offers unparalleled services. We provide sound legal advice for your unique needs at reasonable fees. Although we’re based in Revere, Massachusetts, we serve Boston, East Boston, Chelsea, Everett, Lynn, Malden, Somerville, Cambridge, and the surrounding areas.

Our Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy

  • Personal Injury

  • Criminal Law

  • Real Estate

  • Auto Accidents

  • Family Law

  • Immigration


“Excellent, and Very Satisfied! From the first time I called their office, I was very comfortable with Attorney Occena. I was going through an extremely stressful situation, for which Attorney Occena and his compassionate staff helped me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I would recommend them to my friends and family, as they exceeding all my expectations."


"I was very satisfied for many reasons and not just because my case outcome worked out so well for me. Mr. Occena was constantly fighting for me from beginning to end, on top of everything. You guys were amazing! Constant contact and follow ups to my questions and concerns were immediately dealt with. Friendly, courteous, just a real comfort knowing you guys were giving 100% for me."

- A. Holley, Successfully Discharged in Bankruptcy

"Mr. Occena explained everything very well, was very organized, on point and ready for the Hearing and updated me on everything I needed to know. Excellent service."

-E. Garcia, Awarded Social Security Benefits

"Only Company that listened to me without asking for money first. Took care of all my issues quickly and politely."

-A. Omotayo, Successfully Discharged in Bankruptcy

"You (Atty Occena) are a very kind and sensitive person; I would trust you with my life. You’re excellent and have superior intelligence."

-S. Olson, Family Law Matter

"You (Atty Occena) were very professional, everything was done in a timely manner, you were honest and easy to talk to and very reassuring."

-L. Fowler, Awarded Unemployment Benefits

"Occena Law customer service was exceptional; they created the impression that customers are their #1 priority."

-B. Nysaembi, Awarded Settlement in Personal Injury Case.

"Everything, every step & option was explained to me thoroughly & respectfully. Daniel Occena was extremely professional & down to earth-a rare combination. Service was fast & prompt. He remembers your name, courteous & kind. I highly recommend him . . ."

-A. Mackie, Successfully Discharged in Bankruptcy.

"Daniel’s level of professionalism, dedication, and empathy was beyond expectations. He maintain constant communication with me, his office is accountable in email, telephone calls and text. He provided me with step by step discussion and explanation/reasons for certain actions he took."

-M. Collazo, Successfully Litigated a Civil Matter.

"Daniel Occena, Esq. Was professional, thorough, kind, helpful and supportive. Without Daniel I don’t know what I would have done. I was very pleased and I am very grateful."

–K. Shea, Family Law Matter.

"Daniel Occena and Occena Law restored my trust and faith in the process. I was denied twice in my social security claim. Atty. Occena encouraged me to appeal and go before the Administrative Law Judge. We did, and WON. Without him I would have never gotten my disability. He was truly a blessing. Thank you again."


"I was Awarded at the hearing level at Social Security, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without Occena Law."


"Occena Law was extremely organized! They kept me informed every step of the way, and showed real concern for our case. I trusted them, and I am grateful."

– H. Albayaty, Awarded Disability Benefits

"Attorney Occena was accurate, patient and consistent with his advice."

M. Serrano, Family Law Matter