Quoting the famous Rapper, Kanye West, from his song “Gold Digger”, he goes on to say “It’s something you need to have cause when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half”, and unfortunately there is some truth to the statement. However, there are common misconceptions about Prenuptial Agreements. […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!! Occena Law is pleased to announce that Attorney Daniel Occena has been invited on the Boston’s own Big City FM 101.3FM, “Wake Up with Tayla Andrè” Morning show as a co-host, On Thursday Morning, November 13, 2014 @5AM to 7AM. Attorney Occena has been asked to discuss […]

YES, An Undocumented Immigrant CAN File A Personal Injury Lawsuit!

Undocumented immigrants work in every state in the United States. They contribute to our society, like every other American. As an undocumented immigrant, you do your grocery shopping in the United States, you drive on U.S. roads, you work on U.S. soil, and you have rights. Yes, undocumented immigrants can file personal […]

5 Red Flags That Suggest Bankruptcy May Be An Option

In this economy many families are grappling with a lot of personal debt, and struggling financially. Unfortunately, simply ignoring the problem wont make it go away. Here are seven warning signs you may be heading towards bankruptcy: 1. Missing Payments This is probably the biggest ‘Red Flag’ that you need […]

Market Basket Crisis Reaches Disabled Workers

Two weeks ago, as we are all aware, market basket eliminated all of their part time employees’ hours.  This has had far and reaching effects for thousands of employees across the country, who depend on Market Basket for a living.  It’s had a devastating effect on all of the part time disabled workers, whom make […]