Family Law


Occena Law provides proficient representation in most family law related issues. We will work hard to achieve amicable settlements over litigation, while protecting the rights of our clients and the best interests of the children.

We are dedicated to providing affordable legal services, while striving to provide a relaxed and comfortable setting to listen to our clients, analyze their situation, and offer effective legal options. These Areas include but are not limited to:

  • Divorce (Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage)-A divorce is started in court by the filing of a document called a Complaint. Occena Law will spend some time with you discussing what grounds for divorce will be listed on the Complaint. The most commonly used grounds for divorce are irretrievable breakdown of the marriage (either contested or uncontested) and cruel and abusive treatment.
  • Custody (Or Visitation)-The law requires a substantial change to trigger a modification request because it presumes stability in living arrangements to be in a child’s best interest. Changes in employment, residence, health, income, or living arrangements alone usually are not sufficient bases for a change in custody. By contrast, a substantial change in circumstances might exist because one parent plans to move a significant distance, visitation exposes the child or the custodial parent to harm or the custodial parent is not taking adequate care of the child.
  • Child Support (Modifications/Contempt)-An example of a substantial change in circumstances that could result in an increase in child support is when the custodial parent faces an increase in educational or day-care expenses while the noncustodial parent receives an increase in wages.